So… Holy crap. Thanks SO much everyone.

That was one hell of a 48 hours.

So SpellTower didn't quite make it to #1, but don't let that distract you.
This sale was an incredible success.

In fact, this sale was arguably one of the most incredibly successful amazing things i've been involved with thus far in my life.
And I have all of you amazing people to thank for making that happen.


First, the cold hard facts.

SpellTower sold 21,576 copies in the last two days.
Previously, it had sold 61,987 copies in 5 months.

This is an enormous achievement.

SpellTower also managed to get to:

#3 in US Top Paid iPad Apps (up from #6)

#10 in US Top Paid iPhone Apps (up from #97)

#5 in CA Top Paid iPad Apps (up from #55)

#8 in CA Top Paid iPhone Apps (up from #200+)

#21 in UK Top Paid iPad Apps (up from #200+)

#44 in UK Top Paid iPhone Apps (up from #200+)

In many of these cases SpellTower overtook the big guys, especially in the US charts.

For the majority of the sale it was out-grossing three of the four Angry Birds on the iPhone! Beyond that it's still #2 on iPad Top Word Games and #3 in iPhone Top Word Games. Out-doing a ton of Zynga's 'with friends' properties.

Ok, but even all that isn't what was so amazing about this sale.


(Now some mushy soft facts),

This is going to sound ultra-cheezy, but the most amazing thing about this sale was the incredible outpouring of support that came from all of you.
I will never forget it.

Sitting in my room frantically answering questions on the reddit IAmA while my iPad made frantic pinging noises once a second to announce each new tweet was pretty unbeleviable.

Being an indie means most of the time when i'm working, i'm alone in my room staring at a computer. But doing this sale really made me feel a part of something huge.

As I'm sure most of you know, it can be really tough to put so much love and craft into your work and then set it free into the cold internet for the approval and (often) disapproval of others. Releases and sales are really stressful, and how people react to work can really honestly be the difference in how much of it you do.

Sometimes I wish I could make games without having to deal with the headache of putting them out there. But you know what? screw that. Stressful or not, being able to make and release work on the internet is AMAZING. And I am so incredibly grateful for it.

This experience was an incredible reminder that the indie games community is one of the best communities out there. You are all awesome. This job is awesome. There's nothing I'd rather be doing.

It was incredibly moving to see all those tweets from you guys, the personal notes that the editors at Joystiq, Destructoid, and TouchArcade wrote into their posts wishing for my success, and the stories some of you left on the Reddit. Not to mention Wired and Forbes writing about the sale. That was a dream. Really, in what other industry could that happen?

Gosh and to get my design cited on Swiss-Miss? Totally Incredible.

SpellTower has been amazing for me in a lot of ways, but probably the greatest way was hearing some incredible personal stories. I've heard so many of kids buying it for their Moms or families playing together over the kitchen table or over AirPlay on their tv. I heard about guy who plays it with his dyslexic girlfriend who has never been able to play word games with him. And most touching (from before the sale) was a story of one mother had suffered a stroke 3 years back and SpellTower was the first game she'd been able to play since, and how much joy it brought her.

We make games to make people happy.

We make games because it makes us happy.

I'm so lucky to get to do this with my life.

Thanks you everyone for giving me this continued opportunity.

-- -- -- --

So what now?

Well conventional wisdom is if somethings selling well and not getting a ton of bad reviews, you let it ride. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep SpellTower discounted for a few more days, so all the people just hearing about this can still get it half off.

Heck, maybe I'll even get really lucky and it'll settle comfortably in the top 25.

Then I'm gonna breathe a huge sigh of relief. Take a bit of a breather from frantically responding to emails and tweets, and get back to work. I've got more than a few projects that I've been slacking on for this. I mean, Ridiculous Fishing and Scoundrel have to come out EVENTUALLY, right? (not to mention this rpg project that I want to make…)

Also I promise I'll do a post-mortem on my blog when this is all really over

Thanks Chris Driscoll for making an amazing website,

Thanks Kert Gartner for making an amazing trailer,

Thanks Asher and Sarah for the accidental inspiration

Thanks Jess and Rob for convincing me i should make this game

Thanks Mom,

Thanks Amy,

Thanks everyone who gave me advice or encouraged me

Thanks all you magical people out there

I think I probably owe you all beers.

- Zach