SpellTower gets it's first update in 5 years + Dutch and French versions!

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A Game of Words

  • Find & Eliminate Words
  • 6 Puzzling Modes
  • Longer Words, Larger Rewards
  • Tackle Tiles & Keep Your Tower Low

The SpellTower

How to Play

1 Required Organ

5 Single-Player
Modes, including:

Tower Mode

No pressure here. Try and get the highest score possible out of 150 letters, eliminating small words to set up 7- and 8-letter blockbusters!

Puzzle Mode

Every word you make adds a new row of letters! Strategic word finding at its best.

Zen Mode

Puzzle mode without those pesky length requirement tiles — play nearly forever!

Rush Mode

Rows of letters build up over time. Find words as fast as you can, but be careful you don't back yourself into a corner!

Debate Mode


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